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How to lose that killer belly fat

How to lose that killer belly fat

To lose that killer belly fat should be everyone’s aim. This visceral fat really is a killer, and to make it worse, it’s hard to lose. And, unfortunately for wheelchair users, it is even harder to get rid of than for able-bodied people.

Is all fat bad?

No, all of us have a layer of fat between our skin and our muscles. This fat is called subcutaneous fat and is essential for normal health. This kind of fat helps to keep us warm and also acts as a shock absorber to protect our bodies. When you pinch your skin, this layer of subcutaneous fat feels soft and malleable. This fat also stores excess calories for when we need them.

Visceral fat, however, sits much deeper within the body. It develops around the organs found in the belly area, and this fat feels firm to the touch. As well as storing energy, this type of fat also produces and releases hormones. The effect of these hormones on the nearby organs can cause serious health problems.

Why must you lose that killer belly fat?

Visceral fat can raise your LDL-or “bad Cholesterol” level. It can also increase your blood pressure. Additionally, it increases your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. There are three very good reasons why you must lose that killer belly fat.

How to tell if you have too much visceral fat

Your waist measurement indicates the amount of belly fat you have. Take the measurement passing the tape around yourself at the level of your belly button. For men, the maximum measurement is 40 inches -102cm, and for women, it’s 35 inches-89cm.

You can also calculate the ratio between your waist and hip measurement (WHR). Divide the measurement of your waist by that of your hips. The WCR for men should be less than 1, and for women, it should be less than 0.8.

How can I lose that killer belly fat?

Aerobic exercise is the only way to get rid of visceral fat. You need to get your heart pumping faster and keep it doing so for a sustained period. You should aim to get your heart rate up to about 60-70-percent of its maximum potential. You can roughly calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. By keeping your heart rate at this level you will burn mainly calories from fat. However, you need to keep going for 45 minutes or your body will be burning up sugars and carbohydrates rather than fats.

How can I do that in a wheelchair?

The Invictus Active Trainer is the best way for a wheelchair user to get this type of aerobic workout. You can use this roller trainer in the comfort of your own home and it is quick and easy to set up. The smart version lets you measure your heart rate and calculate how many calories you burn up in each session. You can also store the details of each workout to see how much progress you are making.

Start off with shorter sessions and build up both the resistance and the time gradually. This is not only the best way to lose that killer belly fat in a wheelchair but also o improve your health in general. Call 0800 8321916 or click here to arrange for a free home trial and begin enjoying a healthier, happier life.