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Support for wheelchair and pushchair users as Solihull

In response to residents’ concerns about people blocking access to dropped kerbs, Solihull Council has decided to adopt new parking enforcement powers. From Monday 5 September, people who park in front of dropped kerbs and block access will be issued with a fine of £70. This will be reduced to £35 if paid within 14 […]

How flying could be improved for passengers who use wheelchairs

More wheelchairs are being damaged on planes. Travelers want action. The Transportation Department has announced several new accessibility measures, but advocates say progress is too slow. Jessica Dalonzo was worried the first time she flew with her power wheelchair last month. She’d heard horror stories from other travelers, and her manual chair had been damaged […]

Family ‘disgusted’ amid claims wheelchair user was removed from flight and humiliated

A family claims a wheelchair user was removed from a flight and blamed for holding up other passengers. Danielle Snowball, 27, was flying to Mallorca along with her brother Gary Scholes, 40, and other members of their family for a long awaited trip abroad when she says the humiliating experience happened. The family had arranged […]

Royal Ballet performance will have a dancer who uses a wheelchair

Exclusive: former ballet student Joe Powell-Main will take part in a duet at Greenwich + Docklands international festival The Royal Ballet is staging a performance in which one of its dancers performs a duet with a disabled dancer, recognising that being inclusive is “not just about diversity of race, but also about diversity of physical […]

Life changing beach wheelchair given to family

Burnham-On-Sea Rotary Club has made a “life changing” donation of a high-tech wheelchair to a disabled local teenager to help make his family’s life a little easier. Bradley Bedford, 16, loves to visit Burnham beach with his parents, Ken and Michaela, but they have struggled to push him through the sand and along mobility ramps […]

New partnership with SVR puts disabled people in the driving seat

Specialist Vehicle Rental (SVR) in Birmingham has chosen Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People (QEF)as its new charity partner. SVR supply specially adapted lease and rental vehicles to people living with a disability across the UK. This new partnership will support QEF Mobility Services’ work providing driving assessments and driving lessons to disabled people; helping […]

How to burn 1000 calories every week using your wheelchair…

Losing weight

Dwellability – Finding a place to stay when you have a disability is now easier!

Home Sharing for People with Disabilities, By People with Disabilities. Dwellability started as an idea between two friends with disabilities over a cup of coffee. Why did it have to be so hard to find a safe, appropriate place to live or visit? Who We Are We dreamed about creating a way to connect people […]

What items are VAT-free for disabled people?

Some items are VAT-free for disabled people. Here we will explain exactly what VAT-free means. Also, everything you need to know about which items this includes and who qualifies. What does VAT-free mean? VAT-free means that the company you are buying a product from will not charge you the value-added tax. No refunds are given […]

Which wheelchair is easiest to push

Which wheelchair is easiest to push? These are the three things that determine how easy any wheelchair is to push. First, the type of wheelchair.  Secondly, the way the chair is set up. And finally, the tyres. An active user wheelchair will give you much greater pushing power than a basic chair. What is an […]

How to lose weight with limited mobility

If you need to lose weight with limited mobility, it can be a challenge. With limited lower body movement, it can be difficult to get a real workout. Yet, aerobic activity is what you need to lose weight. Getting regular exercise that increases your heart rate and burns calories should be your goal. So, here […]

How to stay fit in a wheelchair

How to stay fit in a wheelchair A recent  study  involving people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) has revealed that staying fit is even more important for them than for able-bodied people. The results of the project have enabled the researchers to lay down exercise guidelines that will help people with SCI to learn how […]

Latest: Motability offering refund & bonus money

The Government announcements regarding COVID-19 are having a major impact on the Scheme. Most dealership showrooms are now closed meaning they are unable to accept any orders, manage handovers, or car returns. However they want to reassure you that we will support you where possible to help you remain mobile during this time. Two key […]

Wheelchair Users COVID-19 Essential Tips & Advice.

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways, caused by a virus called coronavirus and is effecting the World. There are several measures in place to combat the spread and government advice on what you should and should not do (we of course recommend you follow this which you can find […]

How to lose that killer belly fat

To lose that killer belly fat should be everyone’s aim. This visceral fat really is a killer, and to make it worse, it’s hard to lose. And, unfortunately for wheelchair users, it is even harder to get rid of than for able-bodied people. Is all fat bad? No, all of us have a layer of […]

How does David Weir CBE train?

The Invictus Active racing wheelchair rollers are what the top athletes use to train. Big names like David Weir and Mo Jomni use our trainers for pre-race warm-ups, cool-downs, and training sessions. What makes the Invictus Active racing rollers so effective? First, they are portable so you can train anywhere, anytime. Often, athletes do not […]

Cheerful kids spoke protectors

Being in a wheelchair can be tough, and for kids, it can be especially difficult and challenging at times. So, these cheerful kids spoke protectors are the perfect addition to make wheelchair-using children feel good about the apparatus that they depend on. Not only do these spoke protectors add colour, fun, and character to a […]

8,000 PIP claimants die within six months of being rejected

Close to 8,000 people died within six months of their application for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) being rejected since 2013, newly released figures have shown. Labour MP, Madeleine Moon, obtained the figures from the Department for Work and Pensions, which showed people who had been rejected PIP made up 10% of the nearly 74,000 who [...]

Accessibility To Train Stations Getting Worse

Using public transport is the right of all citizens. However, for people with disabilities, it seems that their rights are still being ignored. Incredibly, a new rail station, the Brent Cross West Thameslink, in north-west London, a 4.5-billion-pound project which is set to open in 2022, does not have step-free access from the platform onto […]

Disability Pride Event A Huge Success

Last Saturday, July 14th, The Hove Lawns in Brighton welcomed a huge number of people celebrating the town’s second annual Disability Pride event. The event attracted all kinds of people with both visible and invisible disabilities along with their families, friends, carers, and passers-by.  Disability Pride events give disabled people the opportunity to celebrate who […]

The First Wheelchair User In Space

Eddie Ndopu describes himself as “unapologetically brilliant, black, queer and disabled” and also as, “a living manifestation of possibility”. This 27 year -old South African campaigner for disabled people’s rights is determined to create a world that is truly open to all, and Eddie has been breaking, or at least bending, the rules since his […]

Sign Cory’s Petition For Seat Rights For Disabled People

Cory Shaw is a young person, who suffers from several debilitating conditions which make it very painful for her to stand for any length of time. Yet, she holds down a job and commutes daily by train. However, she frequently finds herself having to travel standing or having to ask people to give her their […]

Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment

Fantastic device that easily attaches to the front of your wheelchair. If you have ever experienced the caster wheels ‘digging in’ or making life difficult then the FreeWheel attachment is what you need. Suitable for nearly all manual active wheelchairs Rigid or folding (adaptor needed for folding) Get over grass or gravel with ease Probably […]

WHILL powerchair review – wow!

Maria, 64 from Cobham who lives with mobility challenges, has been able to continue visiting areas of outstanding natural beauty through ownership of a pioneering WHILL powerchair. Maria and her husband Dave live in Cobham, Surrey, and are enjoying retirement. Maria previously worked for a well-known high street retail chain and Dave was a senior […]

Weigh yourself… find wheelchair scales near you!

It usually a simple task, you just pop to the bathroom jump on some scales and record your weight – for about £20 you can have a ‘smart’ set of scales that link to your phone and record this for you. BUT there is one problem, if you use a wheelchair this is just not […]

School Games

Getting kids interested in sports at an early age not only promotes good health through physical exercise but also teaches many other useful lessons that will stay with a child throughout his life. Participants in the School Games programme are encouraged to aspire to the six School Games values. These are, honesty, respect, passion, determination, […]

Wheelchair disabled holidays Dorset

Dorset is a lovely part of the country, and for wheelchair users, there are a number of different holiday options available. Weymouth has long been a popular family destination with its sandy beach, shallow waters and seaside attractions, and there are several converted caravan options here. These sleep six people, have wheelchair accessible ramps, wide […]

Wheelchairs accessible cruise

A cruise is an excellent holiday option for a wheelchair user, letting you visit multiple places without the hassle. The Disabled Cruise Club is a great way to find out which ships can accommodate disabled people and the destinations that they travel too. The club can also help you with bookings and filling out the […]

Access to work scheme

The UK Government’s Access to Work scheme ensures that people with a disability or a health condition can receive the assistance they may need to help them to do their job. If you feel that you could do your job easier if some changes were made in your working hours, conditions, equipment or transport possibilities, […]

Able Bodied – playing wheelchair tennis?

Wheelchair tennis was first showcased in the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and became a Paralympics medal event four years later in Barcelona. In 1998, it became fully integrated into the International Tennis Federation becoming the first disability sport to become part of a world governing body. The sport now enjoys a complete tournament circuit with […]

UberWAV – wheelchair accessible Uber

UberWAV is the name of the service offered for wheelchair and mobility scooter users by the private taxi company UBER. To use the service, you will first need to download their free app on your smartphone. Signing in takes just a couple of minutes, and as you register either a credit or debit card or […]

Ramp or lift for my WAV?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles can be accessed either by a ramp or by a lift. Each one has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered to help you decide which would be the best choice for your vehicle. Most ramps can be extended manually, this makes them less expensive and they require less maintenance, than a […]

How to understand wheelchair tyre sizes!

Wheelchair tyres come in various sizes to fit different diameter wheels. So, when you are going to purchase a replacement, or a spare tyre, or inner tube, it is important to make sure that you purchase the correct size. All tyres and inner tubes have identification markings, however, these numbers can be confusing unless you […]

Wheelchair To Access St Andrew’s West Sands Beach

Wheelchair To Access St Andrew’s West Sands Beach St Andrew’s West Sand Beach is an iconic spot with plenty of beautiful sceneries to watch. Just taking a stroll along its shore is sure to leave you with great memories and unmatched experiences. Exploring this magnificent West Sand Beach on a wheelchair is now a reality, […]

Blue badge abuse!

The misuse and abuse of the blue badge and parking in disabled spaces without one is a huge issue – it happens all over the country (is it worse in the UK?) and often means there not enough spaces available for genuine blue badge holders. One way to help combat the problem is educate and […]

Bespoke manual wheelchairs active user

Getting the right wheelchair is essential – what we mean by the “right wheelchair” is what they meets your needs and requirements and enables you to be as active and independent as possible. A wheelchair suitable for you can improve your quality of life, but unfortunately not all OT’s and wheelchair services are good and […]