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Limousine Which Is Wheelchair Accessible?

There are many products and services available in the UK for wheelchair users and here at The Accessible Planet we bring together many of them so they are easily to find - what we have it difficult to find and source is a wheelchair accessible limousine that you can hire in the UK.

Maybe a wheelchair access limo just does not exist? or maybe there is just not the demand? - after all a Hummer limousine does not come cheap and if you add the wheelchair access ramp and conversion it would make it a very expensive machine and investment.

Whether it is viable as a business is a debate for another day, what I think for sure is that it would be great! - Limousine hire is big business and you can hire a limo in most towns across the UK - so what happens if one of the party of 10 is a wheelchair user? Granted some people may have the ability to transfer and will find a way getting in, but even if they did this the whole experience would not quite be the same - and then there are many who simply would not have the ability to do this - so the answer is they carn't and would have to make make other arrangments.

Or maybe (yes there is a lot of maybe's I know!) its just one of those great ideas no-one has followed through and the demand for a wheelchair accessilbe limousine is really out there in the UK - after all there are approx 2 million wheelchair users. Put your name to the argument and register an interest using the form below.

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Wheelchair Limousine UK.

This Hummer below is great! (sorry its not available to hire in the UK - not yet...)


By Scott Smith

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