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It can seem daunting to people in wheelchairs to access a minibuses to ride in it as passengers or to use vehicles as drivers. But they should be aware of modern solutions – a wheelchair accessible minbus which enable them to enjoy comfort as riders with easy access, remaining seated in the wheelchair. Minibuses that are specially adapted, or specially designed for the need of people in wheelchairs. A wide range of manufacturers are offering such vehicles, and they can also be purchased second hand and you can find these using our online stock system. Dealers provide listings of wheelchair accessible minibuses, or WAVs, at theaccessibleplanet.com – a site which is dedicated to making life easier for wheelchair users and other Disabled People.

Wheelchair access minibus are designed to meet all needs of passengers or drivers in wheelchairs. They are offered with different numbers of seats, to meet family needs or when used for hire, clubs and days out. There are small as well as large minibuses, so that when people need to carry leisure equipment or other bulky items they can do that with ease.

A second hand used wheelchair accessible minibus is a great starting point for people who would like to acquire comfortable and convenient WAVs in which they can ride or drive and enjoy individual and family trips. From the variety of vehicles offered, they can find the ones that suit their needs as types of wheelchair accessible vehicles which offer enough space and seats and can be accessed in their preferred way.

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Wheelchair Accessible Minibus.

People can choose among three types of accessible cars. The first type are passenger WAVs which provide comfort for accessing and riding in a wheelchair. The second type, internal transfer disabled minibuses, enable drivers to get into them in their chairs and then transfer to the driving position. In the third type, drive from WAVs, users can access and then drive in their chairs which can be safely clamped in.

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A minibus with wheelchair access usually has room for upto 9 passengers plus the wheelchair passenger. If you are looking for wheelchair access minibus hire then we can help and provide you with a price from our network of UK hire companies - click here to hire a minibus.

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