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Wheelchair Accessible Renault Kangoo

Wheelchair Accessible Renault Kangoo make life easier - you can simply get in and out of the vehicle without any hassle, with a ramp or lift installed the wheelchair user can remain seated in their wheelchair without the need to transfer. What people also want is all the benefits of an accessible vehicle but without the need to drive a van. This is no doubt one of the reasons why a wheelcahir adapted Renault Kangoo is a very popular choice.

Renault Kangoo's are the ideal MPV to be converted and offer all the space that is needed combined with easy wheelchair access and still not being a very large 'van'like' vehicle to drive. Normally you can still have three other passengers plus the wheelchair which also makes the

Wheelchair Accessible Renault Kangoo is a practical all round good choice of WAV.

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We have an online stock showroom from a network of WAV dealers for you to browse, compare and find exactly what you are looking for. If you need any advice then contact us, we can put you in touch with dealers who have wheelchair Kangoo's for sale.

Renault Kangoo - the ideal car for wheelchair access.

The advantages of a Wheelchair Access Renault Kangoo as a choice of WAV:

1) Feel and drive like a standard car - not very large vehicles. Therefore can also be parked easier.

2) Due to Renault Kangoo's being a popular model there are many second hand used Kangoo's on the market. This often means the price is lower when compared to other less popular models.

3) Still enough room for 3 passengers + driver + wheelchair user. There are other larger models of wheelchair accessible vehicles which still only have enough room for 3 passengers.

Ramp access into a Renault Kangoo:

Renault Kangoo Wheelchair Ramp.

As you can see above the ramp simply fold out from the rear of the Kangoo, as depending on how strong the 'carer' is you can push to the wheelchair user whilst remaining in their chair up into the vehicle. If you need that little bit of extra help you can also have an electric winch installed which connects to the front of the wheelchair and assists in pulling the wheelchair up the ramp.

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