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Most people have heard of wheelchair accessible vehicles Manchester but they don’t really know what they are. Well, WAVs (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) are vehciles/cars that are specifically converted to accommodate passengers who would like to drive while seated on their wheelchair or simply allow them to travel whilst remained seated in their wheelchair. Disability vehicles Manchester have several features that allow the passenger to get in and out with ease and also secure them to their seating space while travelling. Some of these features include seat belts, wheelchair tie-downs and built-in ramps or lifts in cases of a larger car. Wheelchair vehicles Manchester are either fitted with a lift or a ramp so as to allow access to the car either from the back or from the sides of the car. But, this will solely depend on the type of disability car you are looking for and your needs...

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Most wheelchair access vehicles are mainly fitted with ramps for easier accessibility to the car. There are two types of ramps. There is a ramp that folds and unfolds automatically with just a click of a button. These usually cost higher than the standard ones that are manually operated by physically folding and unfolding them on either sides of the car or the back of the car.  Some ramps that are manually operated are designed with spring so that they could fold and unfold easily. It is always advisable to test the length and angle of the ramp before purchasing as they are all not equal and may not fit properly in your car. This may make it difficult to operate the WAV in and out of the car.


Some WAVs are fitted with lift so as to make those who have trouble using ramps to access the car. As compared to wheelchair accessible vehicles Manchester fitted with ramps, WAVs fitted with lifts are usually more costly. Furthermore they need to be serviced yearly so that they could always be efficient.

Things to think about

  • If your carer has trouble using a ramp then an electric winch may come handy. In simpler terms, an electric winch is a harness that can be fitted to the wheelchair to assist pull it into the automobile. For more information consult your converter.

  • Before getting a WAV fitted with a lift or ramp, think about where you usually park your car. Is there enough room to access the WAV?

  • Very few disability cars Manchester have access from either sides of the car as most lifts and ramps are attached at the back of the WAV. Think about which is best suited for you.

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