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In some ways, the world seems to have gotten smaller.  We can watch live events from the other side of the world, talk with people hundreds of miles away, and enjoy fresh fruit from thousands of miles away.  We can wake up in Newcastle, and spend the evening at home in Weymouth.

Without the use of a readily available, reliable vehicle, traveling about the UK gets more complicated and less convenient. Finding readily available, reliable wheelchair accessible vehicles Weymouth involves a greater deal more complexity than that required for other vehicles. That is where increasing numbers of smart people across the UK are using our vehicle section to save time, while finding the best selection of wheelchair cars Weymouth to fit their needs

Sometimes, for people who need a wheelchair to move about, the world actually seems a bit larger.  Many vehicles are not able to safely transport or accommodate a someone traveling in their wheelchair, and even fewer vehicles are truly accessible and usable to the person who may need to drive while sitting in the wheelchair.  We can help you find the perfect wheelchair access vehicle for you!

We cover all areas of WAV's...

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The stock feed below is a live feed of used wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale in Dorset and the South West of the UK from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers - free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles - or find a local dealer to visit in person.

WAV's for sale below -
browse, search and filter the stock below - click any vehicle to contact dealer direct and make an enquiry:

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Cars to hire or brand new and used for sale in Dorset ...

With our guide and stock feed everyone in Weymouth can easily find practical help.  Want to hire, lease, or purchase a new, used, or lease a Motability Scheme Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)?  Do you simply want a hired vehicle for a short, medium, or long term?  No matter your interests, financial resources, or needs for your next – or your first – WAV. When you visit the stock showroom from the menu bar at the top of this page, you may see a picture of a WAV that interests you.  Click on that picture to make enquiry for more information from the dealer that has that vehicle in stock.  You can also request a free home demonstration, get leasing cost estimates, ask about private financing, explore Motability Scheme assistance options, or even request free delivery of the vehicle that you choose to purchase, hire, or lease.

The Motability Scheme is designed to provide coordination between government and charitable assistance for War Pensioners, Disabled People, and others.  Motability dealers Weymouth differ from privately arranged leasing schemes, because the cost to the person using the Motability Scheme to acquire use of the WAV depends on the level of assistance needed.  Of course, private leasing agreements do not involve the blending of charitable funding with personal resources and government assistance, as does the Motability Scheme.

You can view, search, and select from a wide variety of new, used, leased, Motability Scheme, and hire wheelchair vehicles Weymouth within this website.  You may want to simply browse through over 300 listings of used cars from the most respected WAV dealers across the UK.  Have a preference for a particular make?  Choose from Renault, Fiat, Ford, Citroen, Valhalla, KIA, Mercedes, and many more brands of the finest used wheelchair accessible vehicles.  Want to narrow down your search? Then use the search tools at www.theaccessibleplanet.com to define how many miles the vehicle has been driven, how much the vehicle will cost, the colour of the paint on the vehicle, and other parameters, to determine which WAV best fits your needs.

Using the TAP web site, one can save a great deal of time.  Expand your search to dealers across the UK while spending far less time searching from the comfort of your home, for your wheelchair accessible vehicles Weymouth, Dorset.

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It seems the world has indeed gotten smaller - you can visit multiple dealerships all across the UK who are wheelchair accessible car experts, look at images of their stock that you find interesting, and gain additional information about the new, used, and hire vehicles. 

You can also explore available financing options and Motability Scheme arrangements.  And, due to modern technology, the world, including the UK, seems to have gotten smaller, you can use The Accessible Planet to easily find just the right arrangements for your next wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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