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When travelling, finding wheelchair accessible taxis can turn out to be extremely difficult to find. After arriving at your destination by train, plane, etc. it is often necessary to pick wheelchair accessible vehicles in order to get to your hotel or home in the necessary comfort. Wheelchair accessible taxis would be the best facilities for the purpose, but it is often hard to find which local taxi companies have full accessible vehicles - this is something we hope to solve!

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There is a way of sparing such unpleasant experiences. Advance planning for each of the legs of your planned journey can help to obtain the necessary comfort. Accessible travelling by train or plane has become increasingly consistent. What remains to be done is to achieve guaranteed use of wheelchair accessible taxis. Here we should specify what a wheelchair accessible taxi means. In the ideal case, it should be a vehicle which has a permanently installed ramp or a lift inside, and preferably when inside you should be travelling facing forward.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis.


Local wheelchair access taxis can offer travelling sideways, which is difficult and involves balance problems. Furthermore, you should know the size of your wheelchair, as well as the door aperture height and the minimum head height that are comfortable for you. Researching in advance should be done carefully, and you should be careful because there can be premiums imposed on such services. This is especially likely if you book wheelchair accessible taxis for return journeys – that would mean the taxi should have to wait for you, and such extended periods cost dearly. These are not obstacles that should be off-putting, because by hiring wheelchair accessible taxis you would get the maximum comfort you need.

When organising your journeys, finding wheelchair accessible taxis is of prime importance. Taxis or mini-vans are the most comfortable vehicles after you arrive at your destination. Unfortunately, if you have travelled by train after you arrive at the station, accessible taxis may be hard to find, or it has even been reposted that drivers may pass by not wishing to inconvenience themselves by fitting ramps to enable you to get in!


Good planning is always useful. Plan your journey stage by stage to avoid difficulties. However, often travelling by train or plane poses unexpected problems. On the other hand, accessible travelling has become increasingly more consistent. There remains the unplanned part of the journey, from the station to your hotel or your home by wheelchair access taxis. But you have no guarantees you will be able to find such taxis. From the point of view of WheelchairUsers, wheelchair accessible taxis are taxis which provide easy accessibility for wheelchairs, and in the ideal case they should have permanently fitted ramps or lifts. Travelling in such wheelchair accessible taxis is comfortable, with the wheelchair user able to travel in a forward facing position.

Travelling in taxis sideways because they are not wheelchair accessible taxis and are not equipped with the access facilities is uncomfortable. That is why prior researching of local taxi companies is the correct approach. To ensure that you can really get in and travel in comfort, you should know some sizes, for example your wheelchair size, the minimum head height, or the comfortable door aperture height to enable you to get in comfortably. However, using wheelchair accessible taxis can mean that you should be prepared to pay premiums for the service, especially if you need to hire them for return journeys. Another hassle can arise if you travel at times of such taxis use for school purposes for transporting disabled children.

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