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Those with limited mobility can benefit greatly from stairlifts - having either curved stairlifts or the straight type installed is very much dependent on the staircase but what types remove is the everyday struggle and risk of getting up and down the stairs. The biggest advantage of having a stairlift installed is the freedom and idependence it gives the individual, the fact they can access the upstairs of thier house to go to bed or get to the bathroom without any hassle. It is often the case that if you cannot access the upstairs of the home there may be the need to move house, which is not only costly but also often unwanted. You maybe the user yourself or a relative/friend looking for some advice and information about having stairlifts installed, what we are able to provide is the opportunity to receive this from companies that cover your area of the UK, from Manchester to Glasgow - you can then compare the best makes, models and get the amazing prices available.

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How does a stairlift look and work?
The video below shows how a stairlift works...

Often people don't realise that the staircase is still fully accessible to those who do not need to use the lift - there is plenty of space to walk up and down the stairs even when the stairlift is fitted..

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Which type of stairlift is needed?

Each and every staircase is different with many having a bend or curve at some point. This may be at the bottom from a hall way, in the middle (maybe a bend when the stairs turn back on themselves) or at the very top when the stairs curve to the left or right onto a landing, which is the most common type of curved staircase. If this sounds familiar then curved stairlifts are the type you need.

If on the other hand your stairs go from the bottom to the top - then straight stairlifts are possible to be fitted. Often people think it is possible to install a straight type of lift on curved stairs - and even consider the option of getting up off the stairlift and walking the last few steps.

This is often a way to try and find a cheaper solution - as curved stairlifts prices are higher than straight and it is understandable people try and find a way to reduce this. However you have got to look at the original reason as why a stairlift is being installed - its because the person who will be using it is struggling or unable to walk up the stairs. If the user still has to struggle and risk getting off the stairlift then it is not solving the problem.

This is where we can help with our amazing prices discounted! - we work with all of the leading manufactures in the UK and cover every area - combine this with our years of experience we are able to help you find and get these amazing stairlift prices.

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Curved stairlifts cost more money - unfortunately there is no way to get around this! - although there are genuine reasons as to why this is the case. Stairlifts work and operate by running along a track or rail, this is fitted to your stairs and has to follow the shape of your stairs. Therefore if your stairs are curved then the rail needs to be curved, and not all stairways are the same so the rail has to be custom made.

This is where the extra costs come from, having a rail custom made to the shape of your stairs is more expensive than a straight rail, these come in standard lengths and can be maufactured in bulk and kept in stock, then when one is needed there is no waiting and they are ready to be installed.

That is the other slight issue with curved stairlifts - the time to install. This depends on the specialist/company of whom is installing the lift and in general the timeframe is between 2-4 weeks - but we can arrange next day stairlift installation - including curved models!

Types of curved stairs.
If your stairs are similar to any of the above then a
curved is the type that you will need.

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Let's take a closer look at a lift and the features...

There are many different makes, models and types available and we have looked at a few of the most popular so that you can get an idea of what you are looking for, its best to request a brochure using the form above so you can have more information and prices..

- The seat is fully padded including the backrest. This therefore makes it comfortable for the user.

- The lift is operated by a directional 'joy stick' like switch. This makes it very easy to use even by those you may have limited mobility.

- Folds away so that the stairs are still fully accessible to other people in the home or for visitors. The arms, seats and foot rest all fold up and make the stairlift even more compact.

- Installation is easy as the rail is a modular system. This enables it to be installed in a reduced timeframe and also means there is never a need to have repairs carried out.

- Numerous extra features which include a lockable switch so that no-one else can use the lift. This is particualry good if children maybe tempted to use the curved stairlift without supervision! There is also the ability to call or send the lift to the top or bottom of the stairs, for example if there are two users in the one home - this can also be operated using a remote control handset.

Curved Stairlifts
The above shows some of the benefits and features of this particular model.

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