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Folding Mobility Scooters Compact

One of the biggest issues facing people who use mobility scooters is that they are not very portable between places you want to use them and it is too far to travel by just the scooter alone - what you need is compact folding mobility scooters...

Well Up Step The Minimo, from TGA Electric Leisure Ltd.  The Minimo is the most portable and light weight folding mobility scooter currently on the market.

Unveiled at Naidex, the Minimo is so small when taken down that it will fit in the boot of almost any car, it is simple to assemble in moments and comes with a choice of two batteries, which vary in power and weight with the slightly more expensive lithium battery providing both greater range and weighing a fraction, thus making it even more portable.


Folding Scooters.

The Minimo with its amazingly robust yet space saving design is a must for anyone wanting a scooter that they can easily transport to places and use when they get.

TGA Mobility however has an impressive range of electric mobility products, form the versatile Minimo, to its bigger brother the very popular scooter The Eclipse, right through to large scooters with an off road capacity as seen on Top Gear.

TGA have a scooter to suit all occasions, whether it is lightweight and portable, whether you want three of four wheels, or whether you just want something for shopping in Asda (Other Brands also available to shop at), through to long outdoor adventure tips, carrying a tent and a charger, and stopping when you need a re-charge.

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A look at some of the most popular models of mobility scooters:

The Minimo is a fantastic compact folding scooter

Minimo folding mobility scooter.

As you can see from the photo to the left the Minimo folds up so that is it very compact. You can then wheel this along and pick it up very easily - pop it in the boot and even store it in a cupboard.

Its the latest model and technology when it comes to compact mobility scooters and has only been launched in the later part of 2013. Everything has been considered in the design to make it the best type of scooter on the market.


  • Very easy to fold up - one movement
  • Is only 26.65kg - very lightweight
  • Small turing circle - ideal for indoors shops etc
  • Fold very compact - for car boot and garage

TGA offer free home demos - why not arrange one and they will bring the scooter to your home to try out.

There are many different models available.

Huge range of folding scooters - there is a model for you - get in touch today!

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